Your Hive
  • Backyard Honey apiary services enable clients to host healthy, productive and sustainable hives in their own backyards.
  • Backyard Honey apiary services harvest 100% pure, local, raw honey.
  • Backyard Honey apiary services support healthy bee populations to pollinate local vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Bees pollinate over 40% of the fruit and vegetables eaten today.
  • Backyard Honey supports and develops local apiary to significantly improve the vigour of local and national bee populations. Bees are integral to a healthy environment and play a key role in local, national and global food security. Poisoning bees has devastating effects on our environment and food security.
  • Host a Backyard Honey hive and make a positive contribution towards stalling our worldwide bee crisis.
Backyard Honey hive hosts:
  • Receive the first 10kg of honey from the hive.
  • Have the satisfaction of maintaining a viable and disease free bee population.
  • Ensure the pollination of gardens within an 8km radius.
  • Model positive environmental action.
  • Enjoy watching the bees coming and going from the hive as they work.
Benefits of buying a Backyard Honey Hive


  • A complete disease free hand built 8 frame hive delivered to your property.
  • Telephone support and advice.
  • Apiary equipment required for basic hive inspections.
  • Initial apiary training.
  • Access to Backyard Honey extraction service.
  • If clients decide to discontinue bee keeping within 3 years, Backyard Honey will buy back the hive and equipment.

Please contact Backyard Honey if you would like further information.